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I don’t remember when I join CPA exactly, but it was about 2-3 years ago. My first army was ACP. I thought I was so special when I was promoted to one rank above Private. I stayed in the ACP for about a year. I was the definition of the basic ACP noob. I went through the ACPTR and did all of that and took every order like God himself gave it to me. Then I began reading more and more of the media sites. That was when I found so many other armies, mainly SM armies. I then became a hopper.

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I joined Air Force and Greeks and stayed in ACP at the same time. I became 3ic in Air Force and Greeks before they both shut down. However, my career hit a turning point in this time. While on AF chat a man named Delirious asked me to join the Shadow Reacon Army (SRA). I was to be the 2ic of their second generation. This was my highest rank to date. Something special was about this army. We got into a war and maxed 18+ on CP. Soon after the army merged into Striking Raiders. There I was a 2ic a well. But CPA wouldn’t be the same.

I went back to ACP and dedicated my time there once again. But I missed SRA for some reason. So January of 2015, with permission I led SRA. This was my first time leading. We maxed 3. From there we grew. We won our first war under me and we got up to sizes of 10+. Later we merged into Water Ninjas where I was 2ic. We stayed there for some time till we came back to make the 4th generation of SRA. We saw sizes of up to 18-20 on CP this time. The army then shut down again. During this time I joined DCP for 4ic, and eventually WV for 3ic.

Till a few months later I returned to make generation 5 on SRA. We saw the same huge sizes and it was one of our best generations. We declared war on many armies and they all surrendered in hours of the declaration. After months of success we shut down again. But SRA won many awards from SMAP and I won best leader of the summer of 2015. After that I led Dark Bandits to 5th on CPAC, Smart Penguins to CPAC seeing sizes of 15+, Light Workers to 17 Pink Ninjas to 15, and SWAT 2ic.

Now we are to today. I am dedicating 2016 to leading SRA and bringing in the year of the Shadows. Message to everyone “Just because you haven’t led ACP, IW, DCP etc, just because you arnt some big shot lead doesn’t mean you cant be. I went from maxing 3 on cp to 20 and being nominated for legend several times and winning best leader of the summer of 2k15. Don’t give up, play fair, and fight to the top”


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Roman Army

I am Benimish, I’m currently recreating the Roman Army of Club Penguin, this site is under development, I am halfway to my goal of finishing this site. If you stumble on this site please join. I could use all the help I can get and you will receive a high rank in the Empire. I am currently halfway done with the site, working on the chat, and appointing the administration and government. Thank you for your patience!

Prepare for the Coming of the Romans!